Video Encoders

Delta Digital Video produces both Rugged Encoders for harsh environments and Commercial Encoders for ground environments.

Our Rugged Encoder products compress video and audio signals to provide transmission to remote hardware or software decoders. They accept synchronous or asynchronous KLV metadata or can convert sensor telemetry into KLV encoded metadata. Rugged Video encoders are MISB compliant and many have passed JITC certification. DDV rugged video encoders can support high definition or standard definition, and can be configured to produce high quality results in a wide range of applications.

Our Commercial Encoders for ground environment products compress video and audio signals and multiplex them with metadata and other system information for real-time transmission and ground distribution. DDV’s encoders use the state-of-the-art H.264 video compression algorithm and the legacy MPEG-2 algorithm. They provide high quality video at Standard Definition and High Definition resolutions. You will find these encoders available in OEM module, rack mount, or half rack mount configurations.