Cutting-Edge Video Encoding Solutions for Full Motion Video Transmission

March 03, 2020

Size, weight, and power (SWaP) are always a critical issue for the highly computational processing needs on today’s airborne and ground-mobile platforms. Delta Digital Video’s industry best SWaP and low latency open the door for high quality video transmission and distribution in multi-sensor applications. The rugged Model 6008R 8-CH SD Video Encoder offers a compact, flexible solution to meet the needs of diverse platforms. 

The Model 6008R is a key component for the processing of full-motion video and is designed for small platforms and ISR applications where multiple cameras are needed to provide operators and analysts with multi-view situational awareness. The Model 6008R uses H.264 video compression to provide up to eight independent compressed streams over a single network connection. Additionally, it is a MISB/JITC compliant unit meeting the requirements for video compression, KLV metadata processing, and transport stream multiplexing which ensures compatibility with downstream processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED).