Rugged Video Encoders

Model 6005R Rugged Video Encoder
Model 6005R Video Encoder, Rugged

Delta Digital Video’s Model 6005R H.264 Video Encoder provides for the transmission of full-motion video for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications. Primarily designed for small aircraft, the 6005R is compact and includes all the features of JITC certified video encoder products. These include video compression, meta-data processing and transport stream multiplexing.

Utilizing MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) encoding, the 6005R provides flexibility for optimizing video performance for any given bit rate. User-configurable parameters permit the user to adjust the video, audio, and data features in accordance with mission requirements.

The 6005R also provides a premodified output for direct connection to existing analog video transmitters (i.e. FM). The encoder, combined with the companion model 6105 decoder, converts analog video links to digital formats with network distribution capabilities and without the need to replace or modify the transmitters and receivers. Standard Ethernet and synchronous serial interfaces also make these units “drop-ins” for digital datalink applications.

The 6005R is built around an advanced, high-speed DSP media processor working with fully optimized codecs. It is compatible with other Delta Digital Video products and can be easily integrated with other manufacturers’ standards-compliant equipment. Our technology has been integrated, tested, and flown in numerous applications with various air-borne platforms and is compatible with MISB and STANAG standards.

  1. Real-time, secure, full-motion video over any digital or ana-log datalink
  2. H.264 video compression for full-motion video even at low bit rates (Optional MPEG-2)
  3. Multiple output interfaces (Pre-mod, UDP-IP, Synchronous Serial)
  4. MISB/STANAG Compliant
  5. Metadata Support (optional KLV Encoding)
  6. <100ms Latency
  7. Fully configurable network interface
  8. Data Rates from 64Kbps to 6Mbps
  9. Stereo/dual-channel audio inputs
  10. MPEG-1 Layer I/II Audio Compression
  11. RS-232 or Ethernet port con-figurable
  12. Compact, lightweight
  13. -20ºC to +71ºC Operation