Video-to-Video Scan Conversion

Delta Digital Video’s Video Scan Converter technology allows for the conversion between video signal formats in order to facilitate display or recording. Using an advanced scaling engine, multi-tap filtering, and horizontal and vertical interpolation, these products provide high-quality conversion to/from RS-343, RS-170, PAL, HD, SD and xVGA video formats.
  • OEM modules, rack mount, rugged and custom packages are available
  • Single and multi-channel units are available
  • Legacy RS-343 formats supported

The VTV/875R Scan Converter provides for the conversion of monochrome video between four video standards: RS-170/525-lines, PAL/625-lines, RS-343/875-lines and SVGA/800×600. High-resolution sampling, in combination with an advanced scaling algorithm, ensures a near-optimum-quality video output.

The VSC/890H Video Scan Converter is a commercial /industrial unit that provides video format conversion. The VSC/890H accepts SMPTE, graphics, or analog composite video formats, at various resolutions and frame rates, and converts it to a format that is compatible with legacy and new system displays, recorders, and/or transmission equipment.