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Certified ISO9001:2015+AS9100D Designed & Built in the USA | Used & Supported Worldwide

Delta Digital Video

Cutting-edge Video Encoding Solutions for FMV Transmission & Exploitation: Our NextGen MISB/JITC compliant video products are designed for the demanding requirements of airborne operation & are built on several decades of practical program success.

Ensuring Exceptional Video Quality Over Constrained Datalinks: Delta Digital Video’s video encoders ensure high-quality video is delivered even for severely constrained datalinks.

Our Company

Delta Digital Video, a division of Delta Information Systems, Inc., emerged from a legacy of government consulting to become designers and manufacturers of video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets. Our expertise in these markets comes from our many years of supporting government and industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, transmitting, and exploiting video in the applications we serve.

Our Technology & Products


Our scan conversion products convert both standard and non-standard raster or stroke video signals to support mixing, recording, display, or transmission for new and legacy video formats. Our scan converter line has grown from a standard resolution monochrome capability to support scaling and mixing of both standard and high definition analog and digital video formats. The implementation of an advanced scaling engine, high speed digital video processing, and support for industry-standard video formats, has led the way to broader applications for this diverse product line.

Our high-performance video compression product line includes products designed for airborne, ground-mobile, and network-centric applications. Our video encoders and video decoders are based on industry standards including SMPTE, DVI/HDMI, NTSC/PAL, and VESA video formats, H.264, H.265, MPEG-2, and JPEG2000 video compression, the MPEG-2 transport stream protocol, RTP/UDP streaming, synchronized audio and metadata, as well as the government’s motion imagery standards profiles. Utilizing state-of-the-art multimedia processors, Our products provide the flexibility to deliver high-quality video over wide-band or “disadvantaged” links and networks. Our strict adherence to digital video and communications standards ensures interoperability with new and existing multimedia infrastructures.

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Our History

In the early days, our founders were involved in the development of the standards that have worked to shape the multimedia environment that exists today. Our personnel were key contributors as members of CCITT and ITU standards committees, focusing on the core algorithms and protocols that ensure interoperability for digital communications technologies. This work spurred the growth of facsimile, video conferencing, and digital broadcasting, and became the foundation for today’s interactive communications technologies.

Delta Information Systems

Delta Information Systems is a dynamic, fast-growing and strategic collection of companies that design and manufacture cutting-edge, end-to-end Flight Test and Telemetry systems including data acquisition, recording, video compression, conversion, distribution, processing and display solutions for the commercial and military verticals.

WE SOLVE our customer’s most challenging problems by delivering innovative & critical solutions.

WE SUPPORT the Aerospace & Defense community’s mission with critical technology enhancing the safety and security of our Nation and our Allies.

WE PROVIDE best-in-class products, exceptionally responsive support and the lowest risk solutions

Our E2E Solutions reduce your project risk by deploying pre-tested and pre-integrated components to meet your  system requirements. These solutions eliminate vendor to vendor finger pointing and provide a single point for support and service coordination. Delta is your trusted partner for telemetry & mission success.