Our Markets

Delta Digital Video provides a range of innovative, world-class solutions for various digital video applications and markets. As long-time designers and manufacturers of video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets, our expertise comes from our many years of supporting government and industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, transmitting, and exploiting video in the applications we serve.
Delta Digital Video has built a superior reputation by realizing our clients’ project objectives and working with our clients to provide them with the solutions they need to achieve their goals. At Delta Digital Video, we work with you to develop specialized applications and design customized products that suit your specific requirements. To learn more about how we can assist you in reaching your project goals, please contact us for further information.


The military ISR market requires the transmission of high-quality Full Motion Video (FMV) within the constraints of disadvantaged datalinks. Bandwidth and error rates wreak havoc with the transmission of compressed video data. Most applications do not have the luxury of bidirectional data links that can be used for retransmission or reliable protocols. Latency is always a critical design factor, especially with man-in-the-look sensor control. Delta is unique in our experience and success in delivering systems that operate with these restrictions. In addition, FMV streams require the multiplexing of precision metadata to allow for targeting or correlation of the video with other source data. Delta has been a long-time participant in the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Motion Imagery Standards Board which develops the standards for FMV, assuring interoperability not only between services and agencies, but also with Coalition partners.

With the completion and delivery of our latest H.265 Rugged Airborne Video Encoders, ISR users now have access to even higher quality video at even lower data rate. This also allows the transmission of multiple video feeds within the same bandwidth that the previous generation of H.264 encoder could deliver.


Today, there is an ever-growing appetite for Flight Test Engineers to include video as part of their Flight Test Telemetry downlink or recordings. Like other rugged applications, flight test products must operate in severe environments and provide high quality full motion video without missing a beat. Delta Digital Video’s Rugged Video Encoder technology allows compressed video to be integrated into the Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) downlink with other flight test sensor data. On the ground, the word slots in the telemetry minor frame format can be extracted for decompression and display. Delta Digital Video offers Video encoders having channel counts from one to 15 video streams, satisfying the most extreme video source requirements. Along with our sister divisions, Ampex Data Systems Corporation, GDP Space Systems and Acroamatics Telemetry Systems, it is safe to say that we are experts in the supply of flight test telemetry systems that include video capture, transmission and recording.

Use of the latest generation of H.265 video encoders allows fewer telemetry frame word slots to be used for video data, freeing up valuable word slots for additional sensors or higher sample rates.


Delta Digital Video has been supporting homeland security and law enforcement for years. Supplying reliable video encoders and decoders for surveillance operations, provided agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with the tools they needed for several high-profile cases.

The small form factor, low power and rugged design makes our encoders ideal for operations in hostile environments such as those found in border surveillance systems. Designed to work at extreme temperatures and 24/7 operation make these units ideal for unattended operation.

In conjunction with our ISR operations, we also supply rugged airborne video compression units for use in the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency unmanned aircraft systems. Our decoder units are used in the Ground Control Stations, where operators can monitor high quality video feeds of critical boarder areas looking for drug and weapons smugglers, as well as people making illegal entry across the border. Operators can then guide intercept personnel to the exact location of any illegal activity.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Many organizations have taken advantage of Delta Digital Video’s superior video quality by embedding DDV technology into their products. Delta Digital Video has produced OEM modules in both standard and custom form factors, allowing the best integration options for customers having severe SWAP restrictions. OEM modules can be configured with the exact interfaces, board outline and functionality required to bring excellent video quality and outstanding performance to any system requiring video compression or decompression.