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Certified ISO9001:2015+AS9100D Designed & Built in the USA | Used & Supported Worldwide


Delta Digital Video provides a range of innovative, world-class solutions for various digital video applications and markets. As long-time designers and manufacturers of video compression and scan conversion products for the Military, Homeland Security, Distance Learning, and Broadcast markets, our expertise comes from our many years of supporting government and industry efforts to develop standards for compressing, converting, transmitting, and exploiting video in the applications we serve.

Delta Digital Video has built a superior reputation by grasping our customers’ project objectives and working with them to provide the solutions needed to achieve their goals. This can be one of our many off-the-shelf products, a modified product, or a combination of products integrated to ensure success. At Delta Digital Video, we work closely with your team to develop a practical, cost-effective solution to meet your specific requirements. To learn more about how we can assist you in reaching your project goals, please contact us for further information.



The military ISR market requires the transmission of high-quality, low-latency Full Motion Video (FMV) over constrained datalinks. Delivering compressed streams, along with critical metadata, is imperative for mission success. Delta is unique in our experience and success, having delivered thousands of video encoders for the most prominent ISR platforms in the world, both manned and unmanned. Our product line continuously evolves to ensure we are delivering the latest technology to support increasingly critical ISR missions. Members of our technical staff have been longtime contributors in the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) which develops the standards for FMV and other mission critical data and subsystems, ensuring interoperability between services and agencies, and with our international partners (STANAG).


Flight Test

Video has always been an integral part of Flight Test. Recording and real-time transmission of aircraft videos are a key part of any flight test instrumentation effort. Like other rugged applications, flight test equipment must operate in severe environments and provide high quality full motion video without missing a beat. Delta Digital Video’s Rugged Video Encoder technology allows compressed video to be seamlessly integrated with onboard Chapter 10 and Chapter 7 data acquisition systems and downlinks. Delta’s standards-compliant compression and transport streams provide for easily decompressing and displaying video in hardware- or software-based telemetry display systems.

Delta also offers video products to support transmission of ground-based video for range video distribution applications.  These products are based around the same video processing architectures as our airborne products and deliver high-quality, low latency video for single and multi-channel needs in tough industrial packaging.

Along with our sister divisions, Acroamatics Telemetry Systems, Ampex Data Systems Corporation, GDP, TCS, and Wideband Systems, Inc, it is safe to say that we are experts in the supply of flight test telemetry systems that include video capture, transmission, recording, and dissemination.


Homeland Security

Delta Digital Video has been a long-time supplier to homeland security agencies. Whether airborne, fixed site, or mobile, Delta has a solution to meet the demanding requirements for important case work, border and coastal security, and high-profile events. Small form factor, low power, rugged design, and interoperability make our encoders ideal for 24/7 operation in the harshest environments.



Many companies and government agencies have leveraged Delta Digital Video’s video compression knowledge and applications experience by enlisting the Delta team to develop custom video compression units and modules for integration or embedding in their systems or products. We have produced products in both standard and custom form factors, adhering to strict requirements in accordance with customer specifications.  OEM products can be tailored for specific video format and channel counts, compression algorithms, interfaces, mechanical, and power options.  Delta’s OEM solutions are currently deployed in mission critical systems around the world.