Model SSC/924 Stroke-to-Raster Scan Converter

Delta Digital Video’s Model SSC/924 Stroke-to-Video Scan Converter converts stroke video from XYZ vector to a standard video format. Stroke video is generated by a variety of random deflection devices, including certain radar and sonar devices, spectrum analyzers, and Heads Up Display (HUD) generators. High Definition, Standard Definition, and VESA video output standards are provided. After conversion, the video can be recorded using standard video recording devices and viewed using low cost, off-the-shelf monitors.

High quality video is generated by a combination of high frequency sampling and an advanced scaling algorithm. Scaling is an important consideration when converting computer-generated graphics or alpha numerics. Scaling in the SSC/924 is done using multitap FIR filtering and advanced horizontal and vertical interpolation to generate an 8-bit (256 level), high resolution video signal. A selection of different decay rates provides for emulation of a wide variety of stroke monitors.

The SSC/924 can accept signals in a stroke format, raster format, or a mixed stroke and raster format. Some stroke-generating devices have the ability to change the output signal between stroke and raster format in order to accommodate special display information. The SSC/924 can be adjusted to ensure that both the stroke and raster data appear in their proper location and intensities in the same output video signal.

The Model SSC/924 has a vacuum fluorescent front panel display, 4-button keypad, and optical rotary encoder that makes navigating and calibrating the unit much easier then our previous generation scan converters. Preferred settings can be saved and recalled.





  • Converts XYZ stroke signals (such as radar, sonar, HUD, and spectrum analyzer) to raster video
  • Selection of HD, SD, and VESA output formats
  • Advanced scaling algorithm provides excellent quality video output
  • Accepts a wide range of stroke (XYZ) input signals, including color
  • User-selectable decay rates
  • Internal test signal confirms proper operation or provides fault isolation
  • Gen-lock to external video signal (RS-170 or PAL)
  • Signal can be viewed using low cost, off-the-shelf TV monitors
  • Signal can be recorded using standard TV recorders