Video Distribution Systems

Model VHE961 9600 Series: Composite Video Encoder Module

The Model VHE961 Composite Video Encoder Module is part of Delta’s 9600 Series Video Processing Chassis. The module is a network appliance designed to compress NTSC or PAL video for transmission over IP networks. The VHE961 provides a practical, cost-effective means to add digital, Standard Definition (SD) sensors to new or existing IP networks. The module can be combined with other 9600 series modules in the video processing chassis to support video-over-IP applications with diverse video sources. Delta’s Video Processing Chassis supports encoding and decoding of HD/SD-SDI, Composite, and DVI/HDMI video formats for ground stations, operations centers, or classrooms.

Utilizing industry-standard H.264 compression, along with flexible adjustments for video resolutions, compression parameters, and network settings, the VHE961 can be configured to deliver high-quality video over any network. The unit is easily configured via the Ethernet port. Audio and user-data channel multiplexing provide for single-stream transmission. The VHE961 is compliant with most off-the-shelf video players.

  1. Real-time, high-quality encoding of full motion video for video-over-IP applications
  2. Standards-based, H.264 algorithms (HP/MP/BP)
  3. Supports NTSC/PAL Formats
  4. Transmit video at rates as low as 64Kbps, up to 10Mbps
  5. RTP/UDP and TS/UDP Protocols
  6. Video/Audio/Data multiplexing IAW MPEG-2 Transport Standard
  7. MISB-Compliant
  8. Fully configurable network interface
  9. Latency <100ms
  10. Stereo/dual-channel audio inputs
  11. MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Compression
  12. Ethernet User Data
  13. IRIG-B Overlay
  14. Remote Set-up via Switch/Control Module
  15. Multi-channel Packaging with 9600 Video Processing Chassis