Model VSC/890H Video Scan Converter

Delta Digital Video’s Model VSC/890H Video Scan Converter is a commercial unit that provides video format conversion. The VSC/890H accepts SMPTE, graphics, or analog composite video formats, at various resolutions and frame rates, and converts it to a format that is compatible with legacy and new system displays, recorders, and/or transmission equipment. Typical applications are converting the graphics output of an MPD to RS-170 for on-board recording or converting an RS-343 HUD output to XGA for display on a standard video display. The industrial VSC/890I supports HD/SD-SDI (SMPTE), DVI/HDMI, VGA, and composite input and output formats.

High-quality motion adaptive de-interlacing and aspect ratio conversion, in combination with an advanced scaling algorithm, ensures near-optimum-quality video output. The scaling is implemented using multi-tap FIR filtering and advanced interpolation, both horizontally and vertically.

The VSC/890H is a half-rackmount chassis available in AC and DC power. All I/O connections are located on the rear panel of the unit. The unit is easily configured via the front panel and the serial or Ethernet ports. Rackmount adaptor kits are available to mounting for one or two units in a 1RU rack space.





  • Provides for conversion between High Definition and Standard Definition video formats
  • Advanced scaling algorithm, de-interlacing, and aspect ratio conversion for optimal video quality
  • HD/SD-SDI/DVI/HDMI/VGA/Composite Analog Inputs and Outputs