Model VTV/875 Video-to-Video Scan Converter

Delta Digital Video’s Model VTV/875 Scan Converter provides for the conversion of monochrome video between four video standards: RS-170/525-lines, PAL/625-lines, RS-343/875-lines and SVGA/800×600. High-resolution sampling, in combination with an advanced scaling algorithm, ensures a near-optimum-quality video output. The scaling is implemented using multi-tap FIR filtering and advanced interpolation, both horizontally and vertically. The VTV/875 auto-detects the video input standard, whereas the output standard is user selectable.

The VTV/875 units are available in the following configurations: 1) Model VTV/875R is a rugged unit designed for airborne and ground-mobile applications 2) Model VTV/003RM is a rack-mount box 3) Model VTV/875H is a half-rack box and 4) Model VTV/875 is a Compact PCI module.

All units include an internal test signal generator, which can be used to confirm proper operation or to provide for fault isolation.





  • Provides for conversion between RS-170, PAL, RS-343, and SVGA monochrome video
  • Automatic detection of input standard
  • Advanced scaling algorithm optimizes video quality
  • Flexible packaging
  • Internal test signal confirms proper operation or provides fault isolation
  • Versatile; single unit converts between four different video standards
  • Conversion to RS-170 or PAL provides for recording using standard TV recorders
  • Conversion provides for viewing different videos using a single monitor
  • Provides for compression using standard video / TV codecs