Delta Digital Video understands that each application has specific requirements. That is why we offer video compression and scan conversion solutions for various environments aimed at increasing productivity and quality. Select your application below to find out how Delta Digital Video can help you improve your process.

Military – Video Compression

Encoders and decoders are a critical component in several deployed unmanned vehicle programs. Our products are designed to meet the government/military standards for compression and streaming to ensure interoperability with Full Motion Video (FMV) processing and exploitation systems. Our rugged encoders provide high-quality, MISB-compliant video streams for transmission to ground control stations, mounted, and dismounted forces.

We also provide configurations for multi-channel applications and manned platforms. Our ground-based decoders are an integral part of many ground control stations, providing low latency video for operator-in-the-loop applications. These video compression products are used in support of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations within the U.S. military services and NATO organizations.

Military – Scan Conversion
Our scan converter technology is currently fielded in support of tactical airborne, flight test, simulation, and depot support applications. Our video-to-video and stroke-to-raster scan converter products provide for display and recording of standard and non-standard video formats. This equipment can digitize, scale, and mix video formats such as stroke, STANAG, high definition, and VESA.

Our  products are delivered in rugged, airborne packages to support operation on helicopters and high performance aircraft, as well as rack-mount and modular form factors which are easily integrated with simulators and shipboard or land-based test systems. Delta’s scan conversion technology is an important sub-system for military prime contractors supporting new and legacy display systems.

Homeland Security
We have supported homeland security operations with our video compression products on several fronts. We have partnered with federal law enforcement agencies, providing real-time video transmission solutions for surveillance operations. Our airborne encoders and ground-based decoders are integrated in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency unmanned aircraft systems for border security efforts.

Additionally, we have worked closely with the FBI to develop and field rugged encoders and decoders to meet Bureau needs. These units were deployed for many high profile criminal cases and event security operations.

Professional A/V
We have worked with systems integrators and OEMs in developing cost-effective approaches for remote video transmission and video display applications.

Delta Digital Video has supported projects as various as: working with the MTS in San Diego to provide 24/7 platform monitoring; real-time, “on-air”  traffic cams for an Indianapolis broadcast station; and support for a public television undersea educational broadcast. While delivering performance, our Pro AV products are inherently rugged because of our military experience, capable of enduring harsh environments where other commercial products will not.