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What is JPEG-XS?

October 17, 2023


JPEG XS is an International Standard from the JPEG Committee providing visually lossless image compression by means of a low-latency lightweight coding system.

Three main features are key to JPEG XS:

  1. Visually transparent compression: XS compressed content is visually indistinguishable from the original uncompressed content (passing ISO/IEC 29170-2 tests), and allows for best-quality 3G SDI on a GbE network.
  2. Low latency: The total end-to-end latency, introduced by the XS compression-decompression cycle, is minimal. Depending on the configuration, XS typically imposes only between 1 and 32 lines of additional end-to-end latency, when compared to the same system using uncompressed video.
  3. Lightweight: XS is designed to have low computational and memory complexity, allowing for efficient low-power and low-resource implementations on various platforms such as CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC.

Relying on these key features, JPEG XS is suitable to be used in any application where uncompressed content is now the norm, yet still allowing for significant savings in the required bandwidth usage, preserving quality and supporting low latency.

Delta Digital Video is excited to be introducing JPEG-XS as a new feature in our next-generation video encoder and decoder product line.

Stop by Booth 701 if you will be at this year’s ITC show to see it in action.