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April 28, 2023

DDV 9600 VDS + Shipboard IP Camera

Delta Digital Video is a longtime provider of video encoders for mission and flight test applications. In addition to high-performance encoders, Delta’s product line also includes decoders that support low-latency, real-time delivery of video for the same projects and systems. Delta’s decoders are used in ground stations and telemetry processing centers, providing real-time and post-mission video exploitation.

Delta has a variety of video decoders, including standalone, rackmount, and scalable multi-channel systems, supporting composite, SDI, VGA, and HDMI video formats.

In a new application, Delta’s Model 9600 Video Distribution System is being used to decode high-resolution VoIP shipboard cameras. Multiple decoders receive H.264 encoded video streams at 1080p resolution, encoded at a high bit rate (16Mbps) and streamed using RTP/RTSP for the lowest possible latency. Delta’s Model VHD966 ingests the streams, providing real-time decoding for direct display on operator consoles, and simultaneously converts the unicast stream to multicast for downstream distribution, recording, and archiving, providing real-time situational awareness and post-mission debriefing.

Delta’s decoders offer many benefits, including low latency, high performance, and support for a wide range of video formats. With their versatile and reliable video distribution systems, Delta is taking shipboard IP cameras to the next level.